Ethical Idealist

Seek perfection and moral goodness, constantly striving to improve themselves and their surroundings.

Generous Supporter

Eager to help and understand others, offering love and support unconditionally.

Ambitious Visionary

Focus on achieving goals and recognition, valuing efficiency and success.

Deep Feeler

Embrace their uniqueness and express their emotions and creativity without restraint.

Analytical Thinker

Desire to accumulate knowledge and understand the world, often retreating into thought.

Dependable Guardian

Prioritize safety and loyalty, committed to protecting their community and beliefs.

Joyful Adventurer

Chase excitement and pleasure, always looking for new experiences and joys.

Bold Challenger

Exude confidence and strength, ready to take charge and defend their convictions.

Peaceful Arbiter

Strive for harmony and understanding, mediating conflicts and bringing calm.

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