Enneagram Test

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  • Ensure you're in a quiet, distraction-free environment to fully concentrate before beginning the test.
  • Kindly provide honest and accurate responses.
  • The full test comprises 45 questions.
  • Skipping questions or returning to them at a later stage is not permitted during the test.
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I strive for perfection and improvement in myself and my surroundings.
I naturally seek to take care of others and find joy in being supportive and helpful.
I am driven to achieve and be successful, often focusing on goals and accomplishments.
I see myself as unique and different, often feeling a deep sense of individuality and rarity.
I am curious and always seeking knowledge, often becoming an expert in areas that interest me.
I am committed and security-oriented, often seeking safety and reliability in my environment and relationships.
I am energetic and lively, always looking for new experiences and adventures.
I am confident and assertive, often taking charge and seeking control over my environment.
I am easygoing and agreeable, valuing harmony and peace in my surroundings.
I have a strong sense of right and wrong and often focus on ethics and fairness.
I value relationships deeply and often prioritize the needs of others over my own.
I value efficiency, productivity, and excellence in my endeavors.
I am in touch with my emotions and not afraid to explore the depths of my feelings.
I value independence and self-sufficiency, preferring to rely on my own resources.
I am highly responsible and trustworthy, valuing stability and consistency.
I value freedom and spontaneity, often avoiding limitations and routine.
I value strength and independence, and I am not afraid to stand up for what I believe in.
I tend to avoid conflicts and can be accommodating to the point of self-neglect.
I can be critical and self-disciplined, constantly seeking to improve.
I am empathetic and sensitive to the feelings of those around me.
I am adaptable and excel at motivating myself and others towards success.
I have a strong aesthetic sense and am drawn to beauty and self-expression in various forms.
I tend to observe and analyze more than I participate, often taking a detached or objective approach.
I can be cautious and indecisive, weighing all options to avoid risks.
I have a quick mind and can be very versatile, but I sometimes get distracted easily.
I can be confrontational and direct, preferring honesty over tact in my interactions.
I am often supportive and comforting, making an effort to understand and merge with others.
Order and structure are important to me; I like to organize and plan.
I enjoy feeling needed and appreciated, and I often go out of my way to please others.
I often worry about how I am perceived and strive to maintain a positive and successful image.
I sometimes feel misunderstood or different from others, leading to feelings of loneliness.
I can be private and guarded with my thoughts and feelings, sharing them only when I feel safe.
I have a strong sense of duty and often show concern for others, acting as a supportive and loyal friend.
I tend to be optimistic and future-oriented, preferring to explore positive possibilities.
I have a protective nature, especially towards those I care about, and can be fiercely loyal.
I can be complacent and sometimes find it hard to express my own desires and opinions.
I work hard to maintain high standards, but can become frustrated with imperfection.
I sometimes struggle with acknowledging my own needs and can become overly involved in the lives of others.
While I am achievement-oriented, I can sometimes neglect my emotional needs in the pursuit of my goals.
My emotional intensity and search for personal identity can lead me to both creativity and self-absorption.
While I am intellectually engaged, I can sometimes struggle with practical matters or emotional expression.
While I seek security, I can also become anxious or suspicious, especially in uncertain situations.
While I seek enjoyment and excitement, I can struggle with commitment and focusing on deeper emotional issues.
While I am decisive and self-reliant, I can struggle with vulnerability and showing my softer side.
While I seek stability and unity, I can struggle with inertia and resistance to change.

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